Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Skutt 614 Kiln

Ellen and I used a Skutt 614 kiln this summer. I’ve had this tiny kiln for several years and I’ve never liked it. I mostly used it for glaze testing but I was frustrated about getting a different result each time. After I struggled with this baby kiln, I put it in the garage for a while. Last year I needed 4 goblets to be refired and my other Skutt 1027 was a little too big for them. I uncovered the baby kiln and used it. It was perfect! I have used it for bisque firing, glaze firing, and luster firing since then. It’s absolutely fun! It fits 10 teacups, 10 lidded containers, or one big canister! This summer Ellen made hundreds of buttons inspired by her fashionable mother Grace.

firing #2 underglaze and satin matt glaze

firing #3 Carousel color overglaze

firing #4 luster gold

Try it sometime! Itsuko Ishiguro

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Ellen Mulligan said...

Hi Itsuko,

I love your polka-dotted cups, and can't wait to see the luster at the Underground Potters show next month...Ellen